Researching Your House

Interested in the story of your house?

Vincent is full amazing spaces and places full of life and history!


You’ve come to the right page if you’ve been asking yourself questions such as... 

When was the house built?

Who built it?

Who was the architect?

Has the house been altered over the years?

Who were the earlier owners and occupiers?

Are there photographs?

What is the history of the street?


We’ve compiled a great resource to help you – in this booklet you’ll find a checklist of resources in the City’s Local History Centre and online as well as suggestions of other places where you may find useful information. 

You can download a copy at the link below – or come in and visit us and we’ll show you where they are (and assist you further if you need). 


Once you have compiled all of your information to create a chronological picture of your house, it would be fantastic if you could donate a copy to the Local History Centre - to ensure that your research is not lost and is available for future researchers and residents of the City. 

Happy researching!

Let us know if you need any help.