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In 2016, the Local History Team would like to capture more of the history of Beaufort Street for our Local History Collection, through interviews and photographs.  Can you Help?

Are you a long term or former resident? Do you have a business or know a former business owner that we can contact? Do you have photographs?

We're dedicated to preserving Vincent's wonderful local history - and we encourage you to get in touch with us, no matter how small your contribution - it all becomes part of the Local History Collection.

Note: we can scan your original material and return it to you (unless you kindly donate it to us).

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A Brief History of Beaufort Street

The area that developed to the north of the early township of Perth up to Walcott Street was originally known as Highgate Hill.  Beaufort Street was the main road leading out from Perth to Highgate Hill, although originally the section between Lincoln and Walcott streets was named Burt Street.

The Beaufort Arms Hotel, which opened in 1886, is thought to be the first hotel north of Newcastle Street. Read some of its history here.

The Queen's Hotel opened in 1897. The story of its first owner, John A Gent, can be found in Vol 6 No 3 of our quarterly newsletter. Read a timeline of early licensees.

Highgate Hill subdivisions were advertised from 1885, but by 1895 there were only two houses and a corner grocer along Beaufort Street between Brisbane and Lincoln streets. Lincoln Street to Harold Street was more developed with 10 houses and a grocer on the right and St Alban’s Church and three houses on the left side. Development was rapid in the early 1900s when the population of Perth increased dramatically. Many of those houses and shops remain standing today.


Beaufort Street businesses have seen many changes over the last thirty years and Highgate has again become a popular residential and commercial area. Increased construction of buildings containing apartments, shops and offices has raised the number of singles and couples in the area. It also attracts visitors for its cafes and restaurants.


Listen to the following extracts about Beaufort Street from interviews in our Oral History Collection.


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Sally Lake & Dudley Maier: Beaufort Street businesses from the 1980s.

Residents of Highgate since 1981, they reflect on the changes in types of business that they have seen in Beaufort Street, Highgate, over 30 years. (Interview 2009)

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 Sally Lake & Dudley Maier: Deli on the corner of Beaufort Street and Chatsworth Road.

This shop was established in 1898 as a mixed business store. Over the years it has seen many changes in owners with some changes in types of business. It was a corner deli when Sally and Dudley moved into the area in 1981. They discuss the changes since then.  (Interview 2009)

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 Michael Patroni : Refurbishment of the Queens Hotel in 1986.

Architect Michael Patroni first worked on hotel s with the Matilda Bay Brewing Company. In 1986 the new owners of the Queens Tavern commissioned him to design changes which would expand the business and attract new visitors. What he did was something very different for Perth. (Interview 2008)

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