Grandstand repair

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Current maintenance works at Beatty Park:


The grandstand at Beatty Park has remained largely unchanged since 1962. Unfortunately due to some issues with the concrete render on the underside of the grandstand it has been decided to fully remove it. As this work may cause issues with debris and noise it is proposed that it takes place after hours to minimize disruption to patrons and tenants. 

Internal removal completed (External work on hold pending full structural remediation plan for facility).

Thanks for your patience during this process we will make sure that extra temporary seating and shade is made available around the outdoor pools during this time.


Update  31/5/17

  • The removal of the concrete render around the internal structure is now complete and temporary fencing removed.
  • Rust removal and painting is being undertaken on the hand rails along the front edge of the grandstand (estimated 3 weeks to complete). Some areas of exclusion will be set up around the pool concourse while this work is in progress.
  • Please note that work is also being undertaken at this time on the pool concourse and again will result in the set up of areas of exclusion around the pool concourse.