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'Yellow Lid' Mobile Recycle Bins & Collections


Please enter your address in full to find out your rubbish collection days and ward information.

Please note: Commercial and multi-residential properties collection days may vary. Please contact Waste Management 9273 6000, for correct information.
For bulk verge collection dates, please download the Waste and Recycling calendar.

Important Bin Collection Notice - Please Read!

(Please note this search function is not available at the moment, please call (08) 92736000 to verify your correct week for collection.)

The City's kerbside recycling service is in place to divert valuable resources in the waste stream (including materials for re-use such as aluminium, steel cans, old newspapers, glass and plastics) from ending up in landfill.

A fortnightly service provided by Perth Waste Green Recycling on behalf of the City is available for all households, and commercial properties upon request. A calendar highlighting recycling weeks is distributed annually to all households.


The City provides each rateable residential property with a fortnightly kerbside recycling service in the form of:

  • One (1) ‘yellow lid’ 240 litre Mobile Recycle Bin (MRB) per residential household

For Multi residential dwellings or commercial properties please contact the City for entitlements.

Rateable properties requiring additional recycling bins/services over the above entitlement, will incur a fee, as per the current fees and charges. All non-rateable properties requiring a recycling service through Vincent will also incur a fee as per the current fees and charges. Please contact Waste Management Services to arrange this.

Bin Enclosures

The maximum number of MRBs allocated to a property is also determined by the size of the MGB enclosure/storage area.  All MRB requests for both multi unit complexes and commercial properties must be submitted by the Strata Manager or owner of the property. MRB requests from individual tenants will not be actioned.

In the case of there being limited verge space available at the property to put bins for collection, multiple collections may be organised instead. This is to be determined by the Director Technical Services.


Collection day for MRBs is the same day as the waste removal service, but on a fortnightly basis. To find your recycling collection day and week, view the Waste Management & Recycling Calendar.

Perth Waste Green Recycling are contracted by the City to collect all ‘yellow lid’ Mobile Recycle Bins (MRB). Perthwaste Green Recycling have now expanded their recovery process to incorporate the processing and recovery of plastics 1-7 including plastic bags on behalf of the City of Vincent. All plastics 1-7 are processed, separated and baled for sale to local and overseas market for re-use.

All the following clean items are accepted:

  • glass jars and bottles (clean, no lids)
  • aluminium and steel cans
  • plastics - codes/types 1,2,3, 4,5, 6 and 7 (check the bottom of container/bottle)
  • all types cardboard and paper; including office paper (no shredded paper)
  • liquid paper board (milk and juice cartons), no long-life cartons
  • plastic shopping bags,

If your MRBs are not out by 6.00am, are too heavy (over 70kgs), are over full (lid not fully closed) or have contaminating material in them, then they will not be emptied. Continuous contamination of recycling MGBs will result in removal of the service.  

For collection/non collection enquiries please contact  Perth Waste Green Recycling  on 1300 781 114.

If you would like your bins to be emptied prior to the next scheduled collection day, a fee will be payable to the City. In addition to the payment of the fee, any contaminating material or overweight material must be cleared from the bin in order for it to be emptied. To arrange for a return collection, or any additional recycling bins, contact Waste Management Services on 9273 6065 or

Damaged recycling bin?

If your recycling bin is damaged, whether it be minor or major, please contact Perth Waste Green Recycling Customer Service Centre on 1300 781 114 or Report It to the City of Vincent.

Relevant Links:

For recycling collection enquiries:

Perthwaste Green Recycling
1300 781 114

Further Information:

Waste Management Services
9273 6000 or

Administration and Civic Centre

244 Vincent Street (cnr Loftus Street)

Leederville, Western Australia, 6007

PO Box 82, Leederville, 6902

Telephone: (08) 9273 6000

Fax: (08) 9273 6099


After Hours: (08) 9273 6061 - emergencies only