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Waste & Recycling

Important Bin Collection Notice - Please Read!

(Please note this search function is not available at the moment, please call (08) 9273 6000 to verify your correct week for collection.)

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Please enter your address in full to find out your rubbish collection days and ward information.

Please note: Commercial and multi-residential properties collection days may vary. Please contact Waste Management 9273 6000, for correct information.
For bulk verge collection dates, please download the Waste and Recycling calendar.

Mid 2014 - Recycling changes in Vincent

The City of Vincent has expanded its recycling services - so you are now able to recycle much more! 

  1. Vincent is now recycling all plastic containers with numbers 1-7 (was only 1, 2, 3 and 5) in your yellow top Mobile Recycling Bin. This includes pesky shopping bags (like supermarket and department store bags)
  2. On-demand collection of mattresses for recycling – call us and  we’ll pick it up for a $10 fee
  3. During the annual General Junk Only Bulk Verge Collection, we’ll be separating mattresses, eWaste and scrap metal for recycling

For more on these changes,click here.

The bigger picture on Waste & Recycling

The City of Vincent is a member of the Mindarie Regional Council (MRC), together with the Cities of Perth, Joondalup, Wanneroo, Stirling and the Towns of Cambridge and Victoria Park.

The MRC is WA's largest waste management authority and consists of two significant components: the landfill/waste disposal and recycling precinct at Tamala Park and the new Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) at Neerabup.

The Tamala Park landfill has a limited life span, and in order to prolong the life of Tamala Park it is essential to reduce the waste being sent to landfill.

The organics processing facility, or RRF, separates the organic component from the waste stream, and coverts it into compost. This facility reduces waste by 70,000 tonnes annually, as only the residual (non-organic component) waste is sent to landfill. This method of waste diversion, along with community education and awareness raising and the development and implementation of a Waste Management Strategy are some of the ways the City of Vincent is supporting the State Government's Waste 2020 vision - "Towards Zero Waste".

Did you know that just over half the material collected from Vincent's green (general waste) wheelie bins is processed by the RRF? >> The RRF can only take this much, otherwise we'd send it all there!

  • City of Vincent rubbish trucks tip their waste into a receival pit; which is the volume of an Olympic-size swimming pool.
  • A grapple (claw) picks up the waste and feeds it into two chutes, sorting and rejecting items as it goes. The grapple can pick up to 6 tonnes of waste with each grab; this is about 350 wheelie bins full.
  • From the chutes the waste is transferred into two composters where it is ground and broken down via a constant tumbling motion for 3 days. Water is added to speed up decomposition, together with air (oxygen) which prevents any methane or foul-smelling gasses being produced.
  • The product is now raw composted material, which is discharged into a trammel (a rotating barrel with holes the size of 50 cent piece). Materials that do not pass through the holes - mainly non-organic, are sent to landfill.
  • Compost is sent to a maturation hall for 28 days, where it is broken down further.
  • Compost is screened for a second time to remove large particles such as glass and plastic, and then put through a pulveriser- which crushes everything to a size of less than a grain of sand.

You can help produce better quality compost for Perth's nutrient-deficient soils by:

  1. Keeping recyclables (including all glass) out of the green general waste bin
  2. Keeping Household Hazardous Waste  out of the wheelie bin
  3. Reducing, reusing and rethinking the stuff you buy >> consider where it will end up at the end of its life

Relevant Links:

Further Recycling Information:

Perth Waste Green Recycling
1300 781 114

Further Information:

Waste Management Services
9273 6000 or

Earth Carers

Earth Carers are community members who understand how to protect the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling waste. Being an Earth Carer is all about finding practical and fun ways to reduce waste, and sharing these ideas with others.

Garage Sale Trail

Vincent will be participating in this year's national weekend of garage sales, which will be held on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October 2017.

Household Hazardous Waste

Corrosive chemical and pesticies aren't the only forms of household hazardous waste. Batteries, ink cartridges, compact fluorescent light bulbs and electronic devices all contain toxic susbtances that must be kept out of landfill. Find out how to separate and dispose of such items safely.


MobileMuster is a not-for-profit program that recycles old mobile phones in a safe, secure and ethical manner. By recycling with MobileMuster, over 90% of the materials inside your mobile phones will be recovered and made into new items. It also means that potentially harmful materials will not end up in our local waterways if thrown in the rubbish bin.

No Glass in your Green Bin

Glass placed in the green-top general waste bin is causing a problem... please help us placing all glass in your yellow-top recycling bin.

Recycling Update

Recycling changes in Vincent > check out what's different - such as now you can recycle pesky plastic bags, we'll collect mattresses and more!

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