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Community Grant > Homlessness Service Provision

The City of Vincent is offering a grant of $85,000 to a collective group of organisations for programs addressing the key issues associated with homelessness.

The Collective, is a community grant round that encourages a partnerships approach to assist in providing support services to those in need, within the City of Vincent community. For the 2016/17 grant round, $85,000 has been listed on budget and homelessness service provision has been prioritised as the key focus area. The City of Vincent does not provide recurrent funding for projects.

Projects seeking funding through The Collective are encouraged to demonstrate a partnership approach to providing tools to empower individuals experiencing homelessness to improve their physical, emotional, spiritual and/or mental wellbeing.

This funding is for projects that respond to the challenges of homelessness within our community. We provide funding to projects that build capacity, deliver change and real outcomes and have the potential to continue after the funding period.

There is growing evidence in Australia and overseas that stakeholders collaborating, working towards a common goal and sharing resources can produce a more effective and sustainable outcome. The City of Vincent’s approach to funding homelessness service provision, is derived from these principles and encourages collaboration between groups in providing services to those in need within the City of Vincent community.

If you would like to apply, please read through the Guidelines & Criteria and Assessment Matrix before submitting an Application Form.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Community Partnerships Team on 9273 6000 or

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