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Artists in Residence

What is with those street signs?!

Have you noticed some odd new street signs that have mysteriously popped up around the City of Vincent? They’ve caused quite a bit conversation around the City and that is exactly what we wanted!

The signs are actually an art project, and are the result of the City of Vincent’s artists in residence – REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT, or RG for short.

Martin Keil  and Henrik Mayer are German artists who are collectively known as REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (RG). The name translates approximately to 'cleaning service'.

RG see themselves as an 'artistic venture that works at the point of intersection  between art and society', and were the City of Vincent’s artists in residence from mid October to late November.

Rather than a traditional approach, RG are interested in a broader concept of art involving a process of making connections between different spheres of life and this potentially changing our perception of the world.

RG and the City of Vincent invited residents to participate in their project called ‘urban storylines’, to help picture a sustainable future of Vincent.  Vincent has a rich heritage, comprised of people from all over Australia and the world. All residents have their own ‘storylines’ with regards to their sense of origin, places of identification, hopes and dreams. RG gathered from the residents a collection of ‘urban storylines’ – much like the Grimm Brothers who travelled and gathered stories and tales in old Germany.

From theses dialogue sessions and other community encounters RG transformed their analysis into a future agenda for citizens that will be spread across Vincent's public spaces in the form of new street name signs. The artists have created 23 intriguing new street names that are presented at 29 main intersections all over the City of Vincent. 

 So what does it all mean?

 The City of Vincent and the artists hosted a walking tour on 25 November through Fitzgerald Street where we heard straight from Henrik and Martin why these names were chosen.

You can read their description and DOWNLOAD THE MAP here.

LISTEN to the interview on RTR FM 92.1 here:




A photograph taken during the Walking Tour held 25 November, 2012.

For further information on the artists and the project go to:


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