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Question: What areas make up the City of Vincent?
Answer:  The City of Vincent is comprised of North Perth, Mount Hawthorn, Leederville, Highgate, parts of East Perth, West Perth, Mount  Lawley and Perth.  Click here for a map.

Question: What are the opening hours of the City of Vincent Administration & Civic Centre?
Answer: The Administration & Civic Centre is open from 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Chief Executive Officer/Council

Question:  How often are Council meetings held?
Answer:  Council meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, apart  from January, October, November and December which may vary Click here for Council meeting dates.

Question:  If I wish to attend a Council meeting do I need to book.
Answer:  No it is not necessary to book to attend Council meetings.

Question:  Am I allowed to speak or ask questions at a Council meeting?
Answer: Attendees are permitted to speak for a maximum of 3 minutes shortly after the meeting commences.  Questions may be asked during public question where questions are taken on notice.

Question:  How do I contact the Mayor or the Councillors for my ward?
Answer:  There is 1 Mayor and 8 Councillors (4 for the North Ward and 4 for the South Ward). Click here for contact details for the Mayor and Councillors.


Question: If I wish to apply for planning approval, what forms will I need to complete?
Answer:  Please click here.

Questions:  How do I determine the necessary fees for my planning application?
Answer:  Please click here.

Question:  If I wish to speak to a Planning Officer do I need to make an appointment?
Answer:  It is recommended you make an appointment if you wish to speak to a particular officer.

Question:  How I do determine if my property is heritage listed?
Answer:  Click here to go to the Vincent Heritage database.

Question:  How do I determine the size of my block?
Answer:   Customer Service staff are able to give out approximate block sizes but for more accurate information please contact Landgate.


 Question:  If I wish to apply for building approval, what forms will I need to complete?
Answer: Please click here.

Question: Will I need planning approval first?
Answer:  Please ask to speak to the Approvals Liaison Officer or Customer Service Officer on 9273 6000

Question:  I am having a dispute with my neighbour over payment for a dividing fence.  Can Council intervene on my behalf?
Answer:  Disputes between neighbours about the payment of dividing fences are civil matters and Council is unable to intervene.  Please contact the Department of Commerce.

Parking - General

Question:  If I receive a parking infringement which I consider to be unjust, am I able to contest it?
Answer:  If you have a legitimate reason (such as a breakdown or medical emergency) you may contest a parking infringement.  Please click here to see what constitutes a legitimate excuse.

Parking  - Residential

Question: How will I know if there are parking restrictions in my street? 
Answer:  Any parking restrictions will be signposted in accordance with Australian Standards. 

Question: If there are parking restrictions, is it possible for me to obtain permits allowing me to park in my street?
Answer:  Yes it is possible to obtain parking permits if there are restrictions on your street.   Click here.

Parking - Commercial

Question:  Is it possible to buy parking permits for car parks within the City?
Answer:  Yes it is possible to purchase tickets for some of the car parks within the City.  These permits cost  $150.00 for 1 month  and are available for Frame Court, Brisbane Street and Oxford Street car parks.

Administration and Civic Centre

244 Vincent Street (cnr Loftus Street)

Leederville, Western Australia, 6007

PO Box 82, Leederville, 6902

Telephone: (08) 9273 6000

Fax: (08) 9273 6099


After Hours: (08) 9273 6061 - emergencies only